Indian Ribbon Design Backsack Bag in Shades of Red and Pink with gold


Indian Design, secure,strong and beautiful, Patchwork Backsack Bag

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So why buy this bag?

It’s stunningly beautiful!

It’s super strong and practical

It’s the safest, most secure backsack you could find

There will never be another one exactly the same in the entire world!

So, how is it beautiful?

It is made from gorgeous, fabulous, layered ribbons and trims. It is glimmery, shimmery in shades of reds and pinks and gold framed with strong deep red woven canvas.

How is it practical?

Well – it’s a backsack, the best way to carry anything around. It has long alterable straps so you can sit it at exactly the point you feel the most comfortable, and it is really comfortable to wear. It measures approx 30cms, (12inches) wide and about 33cms ( 13in) high. Not too big and cumbersome but will hold all your stuff, purse, phone, tablet, etc. Inside it has a zipped pocket and a water bottle holding net.

It is super strong, every seam is double stitched and there is a showerproof interlining to keep your inner contents dry even if you get caught in the rain.

How is it secure?

Well, a backsack is always a possible problem, BUT NOT THIS ONE. Firstly, Firstly, it has one very safe outside pocket zipped and against the body, everything else is kept inside: next it has a buckle-down rain lid. Then it has a pull-tight toggle that needs two hands to operate. After that there is an optional inner clasp that keeps the top together even if the toggle could be loosened. But most intricate of all is that when the toggle is tightened, the cord can be simply clipped around the back and therefore cannot be loosened. With all that you can safely wear it on your back with no worries.

There will never be another the same because each bag is totally, individually crafted to a very high standard.

Can you bear NOT to have it???