For your own special 'star'!!


'Space Rocket' cushion


This is a lovely cushion measuring approx 41 cms / 16 inches square. The cushion is made from a range a bright and cheerful cotton fabrics and embroidered with a space rocket, planets and stars. The main element is your own choice of name 'written in the stars'

The number and size of the stars varies with the name! 8 letters is probably as long as would be sensible.

Please note that there are no capital letters and no special characters available, only the main 26 letters of the alphabet in lower case.

The cushion is interlined and backed in a strong cotton fabric in navy and the whole cover is removable - there's a zip in the back - for washing ( best washed inside out).

This is a fabulous fun item, that is also really cosy and useful!



Buy it as a Cover Only for £25.00

Only an extra £5 to include a 16" cushion pad. Free postage.